Courtyard with a View

There’s always a view of the Courtyard at 200 First Street. Whether it’s a packed Saturday morning, announcement of the Halloween Costume winners, or music is playing, the Courtyard always elicits a view that evokes community.

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What’s in your Beach Bag?

This month’s “What’s in your Beach Bag?” features Ben Lewis, owner of AB Surf and Sport. Ben is originally from Sydney, Australia, but found his way to Atlantic Beach after living in New York where the water wasn’t nearly as warm and the Summers weren’t nearly as long.

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Beaches Town Center

Welcome To Beaches Town Center!

Beaches Town Center is the heart of Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach, where Atlantic Boulevard meets the ocean, twelve miles east from downtown Jacksonville.

The inviting, pedestrian friendly area offers many boutiques, fitness centers, restaurants and two oceanfront hotels in close proximity - a destination appealing for both tourists and locals!

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