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In partnership with Beaches Go Green, and in an effort to celebrate merchants who are going GREEN, you can find BTC merchants and a list of the good habits they're practicing here.



Reuse clothing hangers | Designer LED light fixtures | Reuse packaging materials and shipping boxes | Offer paperless receipts | Provide customers with reusable bags Encourage customers to invest in a wardrobe that is sustainable | Research designers and brands to understand their practices and source fashion styles that are sustainable Assist customers with clothing maintenance to reduce the amount of clothing that goes into the trash | Offer free-steaming services to allow customers the opportunity to wear multiple times prior to dry-cleaningStyling help to promote longer use of clothing

bali cargo co.

Exclusively sells reclaimed wood furniture made from old fishing crawlers, buildings and bridges | Wood that otherwise be burned for cooking fuel is turned into incredibly unique pieces of furniture and housewares | Offers bamboo straws for purchase as an alternative to plastic straws | Reclaimed newspapers are turned into gift bags for your purchase at Bali Cargo Co. | Employees at Bali Cargo Co. are encouraged to walk or ride their bike to work & are rewarded with a beverage of their choice at Southern grounds

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al's pizza

LED lights only | Recyclable take out containersRecyclable pizza boxes
Straw upon request only
| Take out utensil upon request only | No plastic takeout bags

coop 303

Recyclable and biodegradable to go containers | To Go flatware by request only
Straws by request only
| Using low wattage LED lighting throughout the building inside and out | With new rooftop patio will welcome on site herbal garden

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dance trance

Recycling provided on-site | LED Lighting installed | Environmental education provided during National Instructor Workshop | Water Refilling station available


All of their menus are printed on recycled paper. Use eco-friendly to-go ware | They do not provide plastic dinnerware and only give straws upon request | Still using 98% of their original inventory, even after being opened for 2.5 years | Recycle all of their printer ink cartridges | We try hard to use locally-sourced organic produce and sustainable fishing practices.

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fig & willow

Recycling | Green cleaning supplies | Limiting tissue use & bags when possible | LED lighting | AC off, weather permitting | Lights off every night | We save packing materials to re-use | Double sided printing | Energy star printer/label printer | No hot water heater | Outdoor sign on a timer | Donate/recycle outdated ipads | Printed receipts only when asked.

flying iguana

 Offer straws to patrons by request only. Vegan and vegetarian options are available.

Use a roof-top garden, which is where many of their veggies and herbs come from.

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Made the switch from plastic bags to ethically-produced, recyclable paper bags
Carry eco-friendly brands such as Groceries Apparel | Encourage recycling clothes by participating in their annual PACE Denim Swap, where customers are asked to bring in gently-loved jeans to donate to the PACE Center for Girls | Installed energy-efficient LED lights | Ended water bottle delivery and installed a water-filtration system which employees use with by bringing their own reusable bottles | Instead of plastic throw away cups, they use branded reusable cups for events and parties

kmh home

Switched from plastic water bottles to a floor mounted water cooler
We now all drink out of our own reusable drink container/cooler so no more plastic or paper cups or bottles | We bring our own lunches in our own containers, we wash and

re-use them | We use real plates to eat our lunches - No more paper plates
We use real utensils to eat our lunches | No more plastic knives, forks, etc.
All track lighting in our studio now have LED bulbs.

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kyds clothing

Transitioning to LED lighting throughout the store | Utilize recycled paper shopping bags instead of plastic | Free reusable shopping bag offered to customers when they spend over $150.

mbody yoga

Installed an energy efficient, antimicrobial water cooler | Use of paper cone cups to encourage students to bring their water bottle | Installed Nest Thermostat to be energy efficient | Display marketing digitally only and have quit using paper to advertise | Emailed receipts to customers | Offer recycling at both our locations | Using washable hand towels in the bathroom instead of paper products.

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Mezza Luna - New Dining Room .jpg


Recyclable and biodegradable take out containers | Take out flatware by request only

Offer straws to our patrons by request only | Recycle materials whenever possible

Purchase supplies made from recycled material when available | Low wattage LED lighting throughout the building inside and outside

milo fashion

LED lights only | Offer paperless receipts | Recycle all of their printer ink cartridges
AC off, weather permitting | Lights off every night | Outdoor sign on a timer
Use paper shopping bags

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ocean 60

Use bamboo bar skewers with every custom cocktail, replacing the old plastic ones | Use LED rechargeable motive candles in place of glass paraffin fuel cells | The LED candles are expected to last 24-36 months, eliminating the paraffin and glass container waste | Straws are offered only upon request | Utilize eco-friendly dishwasher soap and drying agent | Recycle grease


All of the Peterbrooke bags are made from recycled paper | Utilize recycled boxes | Their chocolate is fair trade and UTZ certified- a program that works to educate children to be proactive in protecting our environment | All of their ice cream cups are biodegradable  All of their ice cream spoons are biodegradable

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pete's bar

Straws available only upon request | Replaced small plastic stirrer straws with bamboo stirrers | Even though smoking is allowed, Pete's cares about air quality | Air filtration systems as well as exhaust fans are installed in multiple locations in both the walls & the ceiling | Every morning, Pete's employees sweep cigarette butts from the front of the bar and around the perimeter

poe's tavern

Transitioning to LED lighting throughout the restaurant | All cardboard is sent to recycle.

Single-use plastics are limited and upon request only | Compostable to-go boxes | Employees are encouraged to walk or bike to work | Grow all of their own herbs
Locally-sourced bakery items

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red daisy

Use paper shopping bags | Save and reuse all packing materials (popcorn, peanuts, bubble wrap, brown paper and boxes) to re-use for shipping and wrapping precious cargo | Don’t use register receipts, only hand-written receipts for purchases by request only | Limits purchases of merchandise from companies that ‘over-package’ | Gift wrapping done in paper bags, with paper tissue and paper ribbon | Recycled and upcycled merchandise is a priority, like beach bags made out of recycled plastic Tyvek house wrap | Antique and vintage goods make up 35-40% of the merchandise for sale-- “the original form of recycling!” | Employees bring their lunch every day in glass or re-usable containers | No plastic cutlery! No plastic bottles of water for employees | They drink from filtered tap and use their own re-usable vessels | Limits use of paper towels by using washable flour sack/linen towels for cleaning up | Employees even ride their bike to work when it’s possible.

southern grounds

Switched from plastic to paper to-go bags | Implemented the use of recycled cups
First company in Jacksonville to partner with 4Ocean to have a beach clean up | Strict inventory management tools to reduce food waste | Invested in energy efficient appliances to reduce energy consumption | Use energy-efficient light bulbs | Use grass-fed sustainable beef | Use sustainable interior with salvaged, reclaimed wood decor | Use ceramic in-house and only offer to-go silverware upon request | Making the move to box water | Reduced straw use | Environment-friendly to go containers available | Recycle container at San Marco location | Sustainable milk alternatives available
Their coffee roaster, Intelligentsia, is the first to adopt Direct Trade practices in the industry. They understand that what happens on the farm directly affects the quality of our coffees, which is why they have spent the last 15 years and counting cultivating relationships with growers who share their exact standards in quality

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t-dub's mercantile

They have LED lighting, a water refilling station, refuse single-use plastics, use reusable bags and have energy-efficient appliances | They carry many brands that have a sustainability component to their practices, such as Toadfish Outfitters, who support oyster bed restoration

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