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In 1991, a group of proactive citizens founded the Beaches Town Center Agency - a coalition designed to work in partnership with the merchants and cities of Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach to ensure protection of the business area's unique character. 

Through fundraising efforts, the BTCA was able to create synergy in the central business district and across two city governments with the goal of making the area more inviting and pedestrian-friendly. These efforts also expanded into major enhancements for the area, such as landscaping and the addition of public amenities included park benches, bike racks, brick sidewalks, maps, wayfinding signs, and the Holiday Lighting display and decorations. 

Many people assume these amenities have been paid for by the city governments when in fact, they're the product of the BTCA's hard work.

For the past 10 years, the BTCA has fully-funded the Holiday Lighting display in Beaches Town Center through fundraising efforts including the sale of engraved sidewalk bricks, the Dancin' in the Street™ Festival, Coastal Carnivale, Beaches Tour of Homes, and private donations.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we were forced to cancel all fundraising efforts for this year. That's why we so graciously appreciate your support and enthusiasm for BTC and the Beaches Town Center Holiday Lighting display!

If you're able, we're asking you to 'adopt a tree' for $175, buy a virtual ornament for $50, or host a "Light the Night" Supper (any amount) to help us keep one of the signatures of BTC up and running. Dedicate your contribution to a grad who couldn't walk this year or a family member who had a landmark birthday! It's the perfect way to lend your support and the most unique gift for anyone special in your life.

ADOPT A TREE ($175) 
Commemorate a special occasion or person by 'adopting' your very own tree at BTC! Adoptees will receive a special spot with recognition on our sponsorship page. 
Click here to adopt a tree.

Want to contribute to our fundraising efforts but can't give $175? We've created this option just for you!
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Gather responsibly with your friends for the sake of fundraising, friendship and fun. Click HERE or email mybeachestowncenter@gmail.com for more info!

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The North Beaches Artwalk is held every third Thursday each month from 5pm-9pm. With over 55 participating artists, this event is a diverse art destination & shopping experience that features visual thrills and energetic live performers. Bring the whole family for free and enjoy what the locals have to offer!
Click here for more information.

We are all feeling it - the unrelenting weight of the world as we wade through COVID-19, confront social injustice, debate the state of the world and brace for the holidays (reminder to breathe...). But what’s cool about the mind is that it is ever-present. We are in control of the information we feed our imagination. Now more than ever, books have been a refreshing escape - a portal into our own intimate, parallel universes where we can challenge our perceptions or stoke our nostalgia. Rona Brinlee - owner of The BookMark and written word connoisseur - points out:

Helping Mamma in the kitchen. It’s a memory most of us can relate to but have experienced in profoundly different ways. From hazy recollections of cookie dough on fingertips to steam clouds from pasta pots, food has always been about a bond. Be it with the land or with each other, food is what brings us together, and that is exactly what fuels Chef Christopher Polidoro’s passion for fine cuisine. 

Let’s time-warp back to the beginning when Chris was just starting to dabble in the art of food.  Growing up in Queens, NY - a dense urban neighborhood on the western end of Long Island - it was an escape for Chris to hang out with Mamma in the kitchen. Chris remembers it was in grade school that he “mastered the perfect grilled cheese,” and would aid in preparing intricate baked goods, mashed potatoes, and every definition of comfort food for friends and family, especially around the holiday season. He takes pride in “carrying on a family legacy,” and recalls working with his hands, creating works of edible art a sensual experience that made one of the most populated counties in New York City feel like home.

Did you know that working with a personal trainer could (and should) go beyond benefiting your physical health? In this article, we delve into what makes a great trainer, how they can help you achieve maximum success and wellness, and what that means for, well, humanity (no pressure). 

What better example to bring to your finger-tips than our local legend Grady Zapata. For 10+ years, Grady has been the sole proprietor of Intensity Personal Training, the Beaches Town Center’s “Hidden Gym” that sits right above Ocean 60 restaurant overlooking First Street in Atlantic Beach, FL. With views of palm trees, powerlines, and our magnificent ocean horizon you immediately feel a sense of peace followed by that little ping of anticipation to see what lessons Grady has in store for the day. 

Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL Grady Zapata received his very first “Personal Trainer and Counselor” certificate at age 18. Little did he know the plan that was in store for him… a  booming business, hundreds of meaningful relationships, and a platform to impact lives in a deep and meaningful way.

Versed in all types of physical training from youth sports to senior fitness, Grady has become renowned for working with professional athletes from pro surfers to rising baseball MVP’s. It is imperative he pushes his clients to be the best versions of themselves because “To be successful is to be structured,” which isn’t half as bad when you have a friend sent from God above by your side.

Grady is a life-coach in disguise. NO negative talk while in the studio with the intent to establish a strong work ethic, positive persistence, and a grateful attitude with every client. “Words have power,” he’ll say and without evening knowing it, Grady ends up training the mindset as well as the body. He calls this the Soul and Shell mindset. 

Why is a Soul & Shell mindset important? Well, if you ask Grady “the mind is what ENABLES the body. Everybody needs a strong shell to enable a strong soul.” Of course, growth takes time and it is grit and persistence that gets his clients to their greatest potential, but when it comes down to it, we all possess the capacity to simply “try harder!” That’s exactly what star client Ben Gamel did this summer… 

Ben Gamel is a professional baseball outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball and previously played for the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners. Like many, COVID-19 was a blow to the season. Lots of “what ifs, whens and buts,” but that didn’t stop Grady from coaching or Gamel from training. To play it safe during ‘lock-down’ Grady set up shop in his garage at his home in Neptune Beach, and boy, did they get to work! Consistent training along with mind mentorship and the reminder that we are taken care of (always) by our savior above sure does work miracles, especially on the field.


“Gamel is red hot! He has soo much power on the field… He’s the strongest he’s ever been and that shows. It’s 100% because of the work we did over the summer; he’s been hitting lasers!” Goes to show how a coach is the first step to maximizing the influence we have on the world. 

Grady is passionate that his clients take what is learned in the studio and apply it to the community and beyond. “There is power in demonstration. The best way to impact your own soul is by impacting someone else’s. Set positive examples that are fueled by the love of thyself and thy neighbor!” he goes on, “we are so blessed to be here, to have health, money, and the ability to train and recover. Personal training teaches us how to say THANK YOU. Together, we practice gratitude and learn how to share those blessings - how to be a blessing - to someone else.” 

This eternal impact just may be the training the world needs right now. You’ve got to take care of yourself before you can show up for others so take the first step to feel more connected to your mind, body, and soul and TEXT GRADY. 

Follow Grady and Intensity Personal Fitness on Instagram @intensitypt and FaceBook



(904) 334-3636


Article by Carlie Christenson - July 31, 2020 / @carliehannah 

New to Beaches Town Center, the father-daughter duo behind Milo Fashion are working hard to bring the fine art of Italian leathergoods to folks at the beach. We chatted with Sabrina Chaker
to get the scoop on everything about her newest venture!
Maybe you’ve seen them at events around town or heard their founder, Anne Marie Moquin, on WJCT First Coast Connect-- wherever you look, it’s not hard to find traces of Beaches Go Green.
Founded by Moquin with a mission to save our environment in mind, BGG strives to provide information and awareness on Earth-friendly practices to not only the Beaches community, but all of Jacksonville. From preaching the perils of single-use plastics to hosting their ‘Movies That Matter’ series in the Courtyard at 200 First Street, they’re changing minds on what it means to ‘go green’.
Being centrally located between the Neptune and Atlantic beaches, a partnership between Beaches Town Center and Beaches Go Green only seemed natural. From educating merchants on greener practices, like refusing to offer plastic straws or making the move to recycled, all-natural shopping bags, we’ve paired with BGG to make our little area as eco-friendly as possible!
So what are some of the things BTCxBGG have accomplished so far? Keep scrolling to take find out!

North Beach Kick Off to Golf 2018
Striving to make this event as eco-friendly as possible, BGG supplied the crowds with hydration from their ‘Water Monster’- a giant vat that saves 1,000 plastic water bottles and worked tirelessly to make sure all recyclables made their way to the appropriate receptacles. In an effort to cut down on single-use plastic cups, we collaborated with them on SIC cups that were available for purchase and able to be used in the Craft Beer Village.

The DONNA Marathon 2019
One of the official partners of the DONNA marathon, BGG was out in the streets working hard on recycle patrol and sent a huge amount of recyclables off to be reused!

Coastal Carnivale 2019
THE party of the year was a huge success-- and green, too! BGG ensured that the event was plastic-free with reusable utensils and serving wares and all-natural bamboo stirrers for beverages. In addition to recycling and composting, BGG also donated 6 large tins of leftover food to Mission House, Inc.

Lucky’s Bags for Change 2019
After a community vote and huge push from BGG, Beaches Town Center was excited to become one of Lucky’s Bags for Change for the current quarter! Anytime you use your reusable bag when shopping at Lucky’s, you’ll receive a wooden dime that can then be put towards raising funds for recycle receptacles to be placed around Beaches Town Center!
Lucky's BFC

To find out more about what Beaches Go Green does, who they are and how you can get better informed on good recycling practices, be sure to check out our new ‘GOING GREEN’ tab on our menu bar or check out BGG’s website here:

Do some good with your daily brew. Starting this month, the 4th Tuesday of every month will be known as Jay Fund Tuesday at Southern Grounds! With every purchase made, 10% of proceeds made will go directly to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation to help local families tackling childhood cancer! Help Southern Grounds BE THERE for the Jay Fund so they can continue to BE THERE for families in need!

For more information on the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation, click here.

Clear your mind and get your body ready for the New Year with a little bit of Tai Chi! Learn the principles and benefits of this slow meditation in motion with Sheri Nicholson on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30a.m. to 7:30 a.m. in the Courtyard at 200 First St.

Sponsored by Southern Grounds, Boutique Unique, First Street Gallery and Red Daisy. For more info, call (904) 234-0038 or click here.

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