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Unfortunately, much like many major events lately, we've had to make the difficult decision to cancel DANCIN' IN THE STREETS for 2020, which is a huge blow to our little area for many reasons. Like quite a few of the events we put on, DITS is a major way for us to fundraise money that helps keep the area you know and love beautiful. It also helps us keep the holiday lights up so without DITS, beaches town center could quite literally be left in the dark but that's where you come in!

If you're able, we're asking you to 'adopt a tree' for $175 to help us keep one of the signatures of BTC up and running. Dedicate it to a grad who couldn't walk this year or a family member who had a landmark birthday! It's the perfect way to lend your support and the most unique gift for anyone special in your life.

Click here to help out!

A HUGE thank you to all of our ‘Adopt a Tree’ sponsors so far!

ASHLEGRYRE BOUTIQUE - Adopted a tree for all that come and enjoy the holiday lighting and as a continuation of community spirit.

• RED DAISY - Adopted a tree with the message ‘love where you work, love where you live!’






• KRISTIN & RODNEY MCLAUCHLAN - Adopted a tree for their kids as a way for them to support the Beaches Town Center in a time of need with the message ‘thank you for making our neighborhood special!’

• #THECREW - Consisting of the Anthony, Barley, Huffman and Russell families.

We want to say THANK YOU once again to all of our amazing neighbors, friends, customers and sponsors who all came together to support Coastal Carnivale for another year! Thanks to your buying tickets and participating in our amazing silent auction, we were able to raise thousands for Beaches Town Center. 

But where does this money go, you may ask?
Directly back to BTC. 

Without events like this (and without help from you!) everything from beautifying the area, hanging holiday lights and putting on free community events would be impossible - which is why it means so much to us when you choose to put your money back into our little area! 

A special thank you to this year’s CC2020 sponsors:
Beaches Go Green | Donovan Heating & Air | SouthCoast Capital | Night Lites | Al’s Pizza | Coop303 | Flying Iguana | Mezza | BreakThru | One Ocean Resort & Spa Please

CLICK HERE to view our photo gallery from this year’s event!

New to Beaches Town Center, the father-daughter duo behind Milo Fashion are working hard to bring the fine art of Italian leathergoods to folks at the beach. We chatted with Sabrina Chaker
to get the scoop on everything about her newest venture!
Milo Headshot
A: Sabrina is a recent graduate from the University of North Florida where she received her bachelor’s degree in marketing and economics and her MBA with a concentration in marketing. During her undergrad years, she worked at a boutique in Jacksonville Beach where she got her first taste of local retail and loved it. While completing her MBA, she started working with her father to launch Milo Fashion.
Mokhtar was raised on the Mediterranean shores and travelled extensively around the world. After a career in technology, and thru retail experiences with global luxury houses across Europe,
the Americas and Asia, learned the beautiful trade of leather craftsmanship and its deep heritage.
A: Milo Fashion started as an online store, based in Ponte Vedra, with a mission to offer unparalleled quality leather pieces, by partnering with a select design houses and vegetable tanneries in Florence.  Based on the craftsmanship and careful use of traditional techniques developed over centuries, the vegetable tanning process results in leather with a distinct appearance and unmatched durability. One of the best features of vegetable-tanned leather is that it develops a patina over time with prolonged use and exposure to the environment. The fibers of the hide used for the leather are visible in the finished product, lending an authenticity and personality to the leather. Each piece made with this leather has unique shades and nuances, which are a mark of genuineness.
A: The vibrant scene of the Beaches community was a natural choice for Milo Fashion. The shopping, dining and entertainment area puts us close to our customer. The re-imagined Shoppes of Northshore project allows us the opportunity to offer an elevated shopping experience in an intimate setting. We are looking forward to meeting our neighbors and sharing the Milo Fashion story.
A: For Milo, offering leather goods is an intimate process. Before deciding on feel, thickness or color, we think about who will be carrying that piece and for what occasion. All our products are exclusively designed and manufactured by local artisan houses in Florence. Florence continues to be a special destination for our house to seek the latest fashion trends in handbag design, coupled with a unique tradition of quality, rooted in centuries of artisan excellence. Local leather sources from the most renowned tanneries and the personal dedication they showed to the raw material inspired us to offer "Made in Italy" only products. Completely opposite to an industrial approach, we view each piece as an extension and a complement to a unique expression of style and fashion.
A: From the hand-selected unique designs, inspired by the latest fashion trends in Milan and Paris, Milo brings exclusive leather handbag pieces, anchored in the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Milo Fashion is completely opposite to an industrial approach, we view each piece as an extension and a complement to a unique expression of style and fashion. We pride ourselves on our vegetable-tanned leather versus the typical chemical based tanning. 
A: We’re definitely most excited to get involved in the community and work with other local businesses!
A: Shoppers can look forward to Milo adding more accessories to our collection such as scarves and jewelry. Italian scarves are hand sewn in the traditional artisanal way, they are dyed and printed with special techniques handed down through families for centuries in Como. Italian jewelry designs are unique and artisanal which are made in at a level of quality that is rare in the rest of the world.
We’d like to invite everyone to our Grand Opening Party which will be on Thursday, February 13th from 4 to 7pm. We will have some bubbly and treats, along with a drawing for one of our most popular bags. Shoppers can enjoy 20% off of their purchase during the event. RSVP here!
Stop by and visit Milo Fashion to check out what they're all about! You can find them at 363 Atlantic Blvd by Peterbrooke and Poe's.

From StyleWeek to Coastal Carnivale, 2018 was remarkable year filled with amazing memories for Beaches Town Center-- all of which we were happy to share with you! Check out some of these events below.

CC 2018

COASTAL CARNIVALE - February 9th, 2018

The successor to BTC’s Full Moon Party, Coastal Carnivale lit up the night this past February with a glittering Venetian-meets-Ocean theme. Masquerade masks were abundant, and so was amazing entertainment, food and drinks. All in an effort to raise money for BTC’s 2018 landscaping initiative, there were spectacular raffle prizes donated and nearly 100% participation from our amazing merchants.

Check out photos from the event here.

There’s an undeniable twinkle in Chris Wooten’s eye when he reminisces on a lifetime spent in Neptune Beach. “This 200 First Street block was my life,” he says, referring to the area where Sliders Oyster Bar currently sits. “I just love my neighborhood.”

From days spent as a boy with his father at Willoughby’s Auto Center (the business that originally sat where the restaurant does today) to afternoon meetings with the local surf team down the street, you can’t talk about any landmark in the neighborhood without hitting on a fond memory. Wooten scrubbed dishes at the oyster bar as a teen, then eventually went on to deliver their seafood after scoring a job at his father-in-law’s warehouse. Even his first date with his wife happened at, you guessed it-- Sliders.

When it comes to running a business and a family simultaneously, there’s no shortage of challenges. From balancing school schedules and business hours to changing diapers and menus, being a mom at home and a boss at work takes a special level of finesse.

To gain a little insight on what it takes to master both sides, we chatted with some seriously boss babes who run businesses around Beaches Town Center. From restaurants to retail, here’s what they had to say:

Emilie Christenson
Mom to Carlie, 21 and Devon, 19 and Owner of Jaffi’s Boutique

Q: How has being a mother changed your outlook on work and business?
A: Being a mom has changed my outlook on EVERYTHING! I quickly realized how precious life is and how much influence I have as an individual to hurt or help others - helping people became a passion for me both personally and professionally and motherhood made me see myself differently. At first my focus was on being a positive role model and setting the best possible example for my children no matter what. But eventually, I realized we are all "mothers" to someone, and I try to touch as many lives as I can in a positive and productive way.

Q: What challenges does motherhood bring to owning and operating a business?
A: Balancing work and family is a challenge for sure - but when I went back to work after having our first child my Dad said, "don't worry honey, it's quality not quantity that matters - make the time you have count". I've found that to be incredible insight and amazing advice.  What rewards? The reward of being able to share my personal and professional life with my kids has been invaluable. Being self employed I get to manage my time, effort and energy to focus on what's most important to me and my family. My husband and I have also been able to show our girls that hard work can be lucrative, fun, and rewarding at the same time.

Caught between the waves of the First Coast and the putting green in Ponte Vedra, the Beaches have often found themselves at the crux of a fashion-based identity crisis. If you don’t fall into either of those categories, it can often be difficult finding a place to shop. Recognizing a dire need in the local market, husband and wife duo Julie and Tom Weber made quick work of filling in the gaps and thus, T-Dubs Mercantile was born. Part effortlessly cool retail space, part speakeasy dive bar, the store is the hip place you dream of finding yourself in - a space where you can shop for a shirt and mingle with local legends over a drink, all at the same time.
To welcome them to the neighborhood, we chatted with the owners about everything T-Dubs below:
TdubsMercantile 12
Beaches Town Center is the heart of our local business and entertainment district. We have a variety of restaurants, shops, and hotels all within walking distance. This is a place where both locals and visitors from near and far come. There are a number of events that take place in the Beaches Town Center such as a monthly Art Walk. T-Dub's is a good compliment to the area. We feature premium men's apparel, skin care and accessories. We also have gift items for the men in your life who 'have everything' and appreciate quality. There are not many shopping options for men in our area. In addition, all of our art is for sale and features local artists. Finally, the icing on the cake is our bar in the back. You can come sip and shop in a beautiful environment or you can hang out, play some shuffleboard or other games and enjoy a chilled afternoon or evening at 'the corner' with friends.
TdubsMercantile 30
WHAT KIND OF FOLKS DOES T-DUBS CATER TO? T-Dub's caters to men and women who appreciate quality and style. We carry premium brands that are a match for our casual, coastal lifestyle. Our clothing ranges from perfect apparel for a day on the beach, boat, or links to business casual or a night on the town. We have selected labels that you don't have broad distribution locally and we prefer to carry brands that focus on style, comfort and performance as well as have some sort of social or environmental commitment be it restoring oyster beds or cleaning the ocean or generating local employment as examples. We want our customers first impression to be "Wow! This place is unique and beautiful. I feel welcome and want to explore the merchandise to find the perfect match for me".
Our products are more on the premium end and are stylish in a way that is lasting. Our merchandise caters to professionals at work in a business casual environment and at play. People that want to look good, feel good, have functional accessories and appreciate fine art will feel right at home in T-Dub's.
TdubsMercantile 19
One of the main challenges that we had was how to use the space. The previous tenant had a kitchen and prep area in the back. As a nature of the physical layout it wasn't conducive to completely reconfigure the walls and layout. That's when we had the idea of adding the bar. While sip and shop is not a unique concept, we think our model is relatively uncommon. We serve beer, wine and canned cocktails. You can sip and shop any time the retail space is open, and the bar stays open later than the retails as we close off the retail with subway gates. When the retail is closed and the bar is open, you enter through the back door speakeasy style. The bar component has been well received, so we feel like our 'experiment' of combining bar and retail has so far been successful. We have a contest going to name the bar, so stay tuned for that…
TdubsMercantile 13
We wanted to open T-Dub's as we saw an unmet need relative to the Beaches Town Center and the Beaches overall. There are many choices for women's clothing and accessories and not that many for men. We thought that if we could provide desirable ambiance for both men and women to shop and provide a selection of products geared toward men at the beach that it would fill a niche and be a welcome addition to Beaches Town Center. Every new business owner enters their new venture committed to it being a success. Prior to opening we had focus groups, pop-ups and other events to solicit feedback and give us a sense of confidence that we were heading in the right direction. We love hearing from our customers about what products in our existing assortment that they like as well as what other brands or products that they would like to see. Humility is one of our core operating principles -- while we have a certain aesthetic we are trying to achieve, we know that good ideas come from many different sources. We are here to serve and provide a unique shopping experience.
Our favorite part has been our clients. People are discovering T-Dub's and what it has to offer in totality. We have not had a heavy advertising push yet as we were getting off the ground. While social media and word of mouth has been positive for us we have the benefit of capturing the natural foot traffic that is in the area. It has been great meeting people from the Beaches community as well as visitors. People like to share their story and visitors can take back a reminder of the great time that they had on the First Coast with some T-Dub's merchandise. The reception has been great. We took over the space in September 2018 and opened in June 2019, so people were wondering what was coming. We had a teaser campaign during construction which was fun and now that we are open, we are humbled and grateful by the outpouring of well-wishes and support from our business neighbors, customers and visitors alike. Now our mission is to spread the word and keep people coming back by providing exceptional products and services.
TdubsMercantile 17
WHAT PLANS DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR YOUR SPACE? WHAT CAN FOLKS LOOK FORWARD TO? We have a lot of plans for T-Dub's. On the retail side, we are looking forward to doing trunk shows, fashion shows in conjunction with some of the other local stores, and having unique events featuring our brands in conjunction with other events in the area such as The Donna Marathon or TPC as examples. We are going to have artist pop-ups and receptions. As far as the bar goes, we are looking at starting a shuffleboard league, hosting game nights, renting the space for private events, and looking for other ways to create a community oriented space to come for an evening or afternoon of fun, relaxation and camaraderie.
Check out our website here and our social media for details and schedule of events.
Beaches Go Green returns to Deck The Chairs for another year with their jaw-dropping installation- The Octopus Garden, a single-use plastic awareness art installation.
The display will be up and running every night, now through 1/1/20, so swing by and check it out!
For more info about Beaches Go Green and the Octopus Garden, visit their website by clicking here

NEW In 2019, DONNA Marathon Weekend will start and finish at the Beaches Town Center! Held February 8–10, 2019, DONNA Marathon Weekend will include a 5K, Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultramarathon and Event Challenges and will again fill the Beaches of Northeast Florida with thousands of runners from all 50 states and many countries. Participants enjoy an even flatter, faster Boston-Qualifying marathon course that takes them through the four beautiful beach communities of Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach with scenic views and an outpouring of crowd support. Runners can expect water stations nearly every mile, race day temps averaging 55° F, and streets lined with a 26-mile beach block party. And it’s pink. Very pink.  There’s a reason this event has been recognized by CNN Travel as one of the “Seven Marathons Worth the Trip” and “Favorite Charity Race” from the readers of Women’s Running Magazine. They are the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer.  Start Training. 

Click here to visit the foundation website.

Keep up with everything DONNA:
Facebook: @26.2withdonna
Instagram: @262withdonna
Twitter: @262withdonna

In support of the DONNA Marathon, select Beaches Town Center merchants will be offering special discounts and freebies to runners and guests marathon weekend, February 8-10. Check them out below:
5% off all purchases, plus a percentage of sales on 2/10 will go to the DONNA foundation.
FREE friendship bracelet to all runners, plus 10% off their entire purchase. 10% of all sales made on 2/10 will go directly towards the DONNA Foundation.
20% off all purchases.
Signed hardcover copies of Donna Deegan’s two books-- ‘The Good Fight’ and ‘Through Rose-Colored Glasses’ are available for purchase for $15.
COOP 303
Happy Hour pricing available all weekend to participants.
Runners, use this link to get 30 Days of Dance Trance for $30. It is good for either location, downtown or Neptune Beach:
20% off full priced purchases.
Runners and survivors show us your heart-- schedule a new headshot at Dunlop Photography on Thursday, February 14th, 2019 at the Little Pink Chair Project event.

You'll receive 2 fully mastered, retouched images for use on your website, social media or for personal including a Little Pink Chair Portrait. Runners, celebrate your accomplishment with your Little Pink Chair Portrait taken wearing your medal. 100% of the $149 session fee for appointments on February 14, 2019 will be donated to cover the cost of mammograms for uninsured women here in Jacksonville through The Little Pink Chair Project. #littlepinkchairproject  #deannedunlopphotography.

Call for an appointment (904) 610-5669 or register online at here.

20% off your entire purchase for runners, plus 10% of all sales made on 2/10 will go directly towards the DONNA Foundation.
Happy Hour pricing available all day 2/10 with a medal.
DONNA Marathon participants can enjoy 20% off acai bowls, smoothies & healthy food 2/8 - 2/10.
FREE pink Tyler Candle Co. votive candle to all runners, plus 20% off all purchases. In addition, 10% of sales made on 2/10 will go directly towards the DONNA Foundation.
20% off all purchases, plus 10% of proceeds from sales on 2/10 will go directly to the DONNA Foundation.
Pasta combo for $12.00 with a choice of lasagna, baked ziti, manicotti and cannelloni.
Saturday and Sunday brunch and bottomless PINK mimosas and original mimosas from 10am-2pm.
Come get your photo taken at our ‘Picture a Cure’ free photobooth in front of Kitchen Envy on 2/10. While you’re there, enter to win our raffle for 5 hours of design time, valued at $500.
20% off their entire purchase for runners.
FREE goodie pack, plus 20% off your entire purchase.
DONNA Marathon participants can enjoy a free class and 30% off any class package.
Happy Hour pricing available all day 2/9 - 2/10 for runners.
20% discount to anyone coming in with a medal the Monday-Wednesday following the race. Dine in only, cannot be combined with other promos or discounts.
Choice of complimentary ceviche of the day or pimento dip with medal. *limit one per table.
$2 chocolate-covered strawberries 2/8-2/10, with 50% of proceeds going to the DONNA foundation.
All runners will receive 10% off their purchase, plus a FREE Ragtime microbrew!
FREE 2-pak of Breast Cancer Ribbon Car Coasters to DONNA runners (while supplies last) & 10% discount to all shoppers, 2/8 - 2/10.
FREE appetizer with purchase. $10 bottomless mimosas and $7 bloody marys during Sunday brunch from 11-2.
FREE coffee in the Runners Village through the weekend.
FREE kids scoop to all runners.

When you think of an intense workout, the last thing you might imagine is fun. But that’s what Kiki Cunningham, the bubbly blonde trainer at Intensity Personal Training, wants to change. With a huge smile and infectious laugh, her passion for everything athletic radiates through the intimate space with beach-front views.

We chatted with her to get to know a little bit more about her training style and how she got started.

Started by husband and wife duo, Hugo and Debra Saavedra, Saavy Naturals has been the Beaches Town Center community’s go-to for everything that smells good and is good for you. From all-natural body scrubs to luxurious soaps, their products are known as “a feast for your senses and food for your skin” and they’re careful to refer to themselves as “chefs, not chemists.” And it’s easy to see why-- with a background in culinary ventures, they’re experts on creating products so pure, they’re good enough to eat.

With their names on the menus of Spago, Patina and The Water Grill, the two have been mainstays at many 5-star restaurants in Southern California. After years of cooking and growing herbs and edible flowers, they started experimenting with them in new ways, creating the line of amazing products you know today.

After taking over KYDS Children’s Boutique in 2017, owners and twin sisters Rachel and Melody were on a mission to make the space as fun and magical as can be. Before they knew it, their boutique was bursting at the seams with adorable merchandise—which is exactly why, when given the chance, they jumped on packing up and moving business across the Courtyard.

With the old First Street Gallery space available, they gave the store a speedy overhaul—and thus, the new KYDS was born!

To get a peek into their process, we chatted with them about the vision, doing boutique DIY and more below:

Thanks to you, your Beaches Town Center Agency is pleased to say that Coastal Carnival 2018 was a HUGE success! Take a few minutes to watch the Coastal Carnivale Video.

After nearly 100% merchant participation, it was a well-received party and successful fundraiser with amazing auction items, the super-popular Cash Blaster—a complete sell out with over 350 tickets sold!

Funds raised from the event will be going directly to landscape improvement plan

Many thanks to our sponsors as well. They are:
Neptune Beach Plaza
Tribridge Residential
Edward Skinner Jones
St. Augustine Distillery
One Ocean Resort & Spa

It’s no secret that Beaches folks are the smartest around—so it isn’t surprising that Beaches Town Center merchants swept the board this year in the annual Best in Jax polls!

From Best Burger to Best Boutique, the city spoke and let everyone else know just how award-worthy BTC is. And while all of our businesses are winners in our book, these are the ones that snagged the bragging rights:

Dance Trance Fitness
• Best Dance Studio – Folio Weekly
• Best Group Fitness Class – Jacksonville Magazine FabuList

Guaranteed to get your blood pumping, Dance Trance is a welcoming environment for people of all dance skills. Whether you’re a regular like J. Lo or more of an Elaine Benes, their skilled instructors will guide you through upbeat sets designed to encourage fun and shed pounds.

Visit Them When: you’re sick of the same old workout routine, or your palates instructor made you cry during your last session and you’re too embarrassed to go back.

The art of combining old and new is no easy task, though you’d never know it walking around Red Daisy.

On every shelf and surface, elements of years gone by coexist peacefully with their shinier, newer counterparts. Rusted cheese graters long out of commission find new purpose as a display for colorful rows of earrings; grandma’s china lives on, reimagined as a necklace. Around here, owner Tracy Raymond makes sure everything gets a second chance at life.

Self-described as “always selling something”, Raymond started her first business when she was 16. A cocktail cleanup crew called ‘The Party Slaves’, they tidied up after the soirees of family and friends. From there, her path led her through various ventures: sales associate, travel agent, caterer, florist and stay at home mom— when at last, Red Daisy was born.

Jam-packed with things cute beyond comprehension, it’s no wonder why KYDS Children’s Boutique has remained consistently busy since opening its doors.

Within seconds of walking through the giant, green doors, you’re immediately consumed by adorable-- teeny-tiny outfits for baby, funky styles for tweens and blankets so cuddly, you’d want to buy one for yourself. Forget about walking out empty handed; it’s nearly impossible.

All of these great things coupled together made the decision to acquire the business an easy one for twins Rachel and Melody. When the opportunity to buy arose, they grabbed the baton and ran. The fact that they had no prior experience as business owners didn’t matter-- they were going to make it work.

To get to know the two bubbly blondes better, we asked them a few questions about what goes into taking over a business:

The countdown to Coastal Carnivale 2019 is officially on!
Returning for another year, Beaches Town Center’s smash of a fundraiser is back for another round and better than ever. From amazing live music to awesome craft beer from local brewers and food served up by award-winning chefs, there’s a reason to attend for everyone.
Taking place once again at the beautiful One Ocean Resort and Spa, CC 2019 improves upon last year with an even more generous floor plan, giving guests plenty of room for mingling or salsa dancing with friends. And with an open bar and a vibrant, colorful Carnivale theme, it’s the perfect chance to celebrate Mardi Gras early-- not to mention, in a much more fashionable and sophisticated way.
New this year, local famed band LPT is set to provide entertainment for the evening. Boasting a full 10-piece orchestra, dance the night away to the beat of their Afro-Cuban fusion flair.The self-called “new ambassadors of salsa music in the Southeast”, they’re sure to get the party started. Even Coastal Carnivale 2019’s Chair Jay Dodson is a huge fan, calling them “the best band in Jax.” For a sneak peak, check out the video below:
Another thing to look forward to? Spectacular silent auction and raffle items. Generously donated from surrounding Beaches Town Center merchants, jump on the opportunity to scoop up something amazing! From gift cards to baskets, there are plenty of goodies to go around.
Plus, this year we’re going GREEN! Partnering with Beaches Go Green, the local organization has helped to make sure that Coastal Carnivale 2019 is as eco-friendly as can be. Completely free of plastics, guests will be using reusable plates and cups. BGG will also be on site to make sure absolutely no food goes to waste, recycling as much as they can. To find out more information on Beaches Go Green and how they help Beaches Town Center with not only CC but so much more, click here.
So if you’re still looking for a reason to go, how about this: Coastal Carnivale is just one of the many ways in which the Beaches Town Center Agency seeks to raise funds for the betterment of our little area. What do these funds go to, you may ask? Well, in short, everything. From the amazing Christmas lights that go up every year to the conversation-starting public art, everything that’s put in place to improve our central business district comes directly from the agency. BTCA President Richard Arthur stresses that the area has “come a long way in 15 years”, all thanks to the money the agency raises. And because of your help by supporting events like this that the agency is able to do what it does, ensuring our area continues to grow for many years to come.
So, what are you waiting for? Click here to purchase your Coastal Carnivale 2019 ticket today! Earlybird rates end on 2/15, so don’t wait!

Hurricane Irma has caused much devastation across the state of Florida, including the destruction of Dance Trance’s San Marco studio on September 10th.

The studio was submerged in 3-5 feet of water and was considered a total loss and will thousands of dollars and months to get it back up and running on its feet. The money collected will go towards bills and damages of what the storm claimed.

Jay and Beth Handline, the creators and owners of Dance Trance and beloved staples of the Beaches Town Center community, have sunk every penny into creating the studio and dance fitness program as a whole.

If you are able, we hope you’ll consider a donation to help re-open the studio’s doors, but to also help the Handline’s keep the program in operation for many Jacksonville students.

In addition, the Dance Trance Neptune Beach studio will be selling tops for $10 and pants for $20 in the DT shop to help raise funds. The shop will be open during class hours.

For more information, visit their YouCaring page here

For a dance class schedules and DT Neptune Beach shop hours, visit here:

Kim Rogers wasn’t always immersed in the world of retail.

Originally a restaurant owner in St. Louis, it was a desire to return to Jacksonville that drove her to sell the business and move to Neptune Beach. And through a happenstance business venture proposed by friends, she dove headfirst into the challenge of buying with no prior experience.

The product of this partnership, of course, was Bali Cargo Company- a tiny slice of exotic locale stowed stateside that you could visit without the expensive plane ticket. Behind its doors lays a business that beautifully blends the rich, ornate culture of Bali with the laidback, chill lifestyle of Neptune Beach.

To get a feel for how the gears behind this cool business work, we chatted with Rogers’ about bringing Bali to the Beaches Town Center, the art of buying and more:

For the past year, Mother and Daughter duo Michele and Whit have kept Beaches Town Center stocked with Southern, salty home and entertaining goodness at Sailors Siren.

Nestled in a cozy loft off of 1st Street, the space is a visual treat— bright, warm and exploding with color. Tables topped with beautiful book spreads dot the room, while the shelves display things like delicate dishes and cards with cheeky sayings. It’s a one-stop shop for everything entertaining-- a hostess’ haven, for sure.

If you’re unfamiliar with this bubbly, bright pair of boss babes, read on— to
celebrate their brick-and-mortar’s One Year Anniversary at BTC (and to get to know them a little better) we picked their brains on some different topics:

The North Beaches Art Walk got its start in 2007 when Beaches art-industry professionals JoAnne Adams, Alice Gartland and Linda Stewart came together in hopes of recreating the popular art walk atmosphere of Downtown.

Through their nurturing and dedication, the event has grown considerably since its infancy. And on every third Thursday of the month, the streets of the Beaches Town Center erupt with creativity.

What was once a small pool of carefully selected artists has now become a bubbling ocean of art, a place where woodworkers comingle with jewelry designers and musicians play into the night. Welcoming to locals and out of towners alike, to say it’s a communal event would be putting it lightly; it’s an experience.

Now, ten years later, the ArtWalk is gearing up to celebrate with a special anniversary bash.

This upcoming Third Thursday, October 19th, attendees will be in for a treat with a performing acrobat team, as well as a caricature artist and two exciting raffles. In addition, a nonprofit team will be launching a campaign to help people understand how valuable teachers are to the Jacksonville community. Adults and children will be able to make art themselves, as they’ll be encouraged to create a visual representation of their favorite teacher.

Following a 9 month renovation of the historic Palms Inn, the owners behind Hotel Palms are hoping their private courtyard and patio space becomes an event venue for locals to use for happy hours, birthday parties, family reunions, trunk shows, weddings, rehearsal dinners, etc. The space, which fits 125 people, is complete with an outdoor fireplace, access to the hotel's beer and wine lounge, and wooden rocking chairs. Click Here To Visit Their Website.

Stevan Brown
(904) 226-8782

100% Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-free—what more could you want? Saavy Naturals are experts in handcrafted beauty, so you know their new Bay Rum & Hemp scent has to be good. A classic scent for men, but great for women too, this scent is packed with amino acids and nutrients to deeply nourish hair and skin. Score this yummy scent in a few different forms: soap bars, bath salts, body cream, bath bombs, salt scrubs, body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

Stop in and shop their store in the Beaches Town Center today!

This spring, the Beaches Town Center Agency issued a friendly contest to all BTC employees: make a 3-5 minute video of the do’s and don’ts of employee parking that was both creative and entertaining.

After much outstanding work and effort, the winning video was selected and the amazing team at Peterbrooke took the prize! As winners, the team split $500 and will receive VIP parking for one month.

Watch their incredible video.

Sliders has a new K9 for Warriors puppy namesake!


K9's for Warriors

Sponsored by the Fletcher High School Interact club. Sliders Seafood Grille has hosted five fundraisers for K9's for Warriors which has raised $50,000. This cute 8-month-old Black Lab is our namesake SLIDER. An owner-surrender, Slider is now being fostered by our very own staff member Samantha Epstein!
Luckily Slider is now also the subject of her new blog, Sliding into Service. In it, she chronicles both the journey of this special pup to becoming a service dog and her own discoveries about the unique and challenging process. Keep up with his AND her progress at and sharing it with your followers!

It’s no secret that Beaches folks are the smartest around—so it isn’t surprising that Beaches Town Center merchants swept the board this year in the annual Best in Jax polls!

From Best Burger to Best Boutique, the city spoke and let everyone else know just how award-worthy BTC is. And while all of our businesses are winners in our book, these are the ones that snagged the bragging rights:

Thanks to you, your Beaches Town Center Agency is pleased to say that Coastal Carnival 2018 was a HUGE success! Take a few minutes to watch the Coastal Carnivale Video.

After nearly 100% merchant participation, it was a well-received party and successful fundraiser with amazing auction items, the super-popular Cash Blaster—a complete sell out with over 350 tickets sold!

Funds raised from the event will be going directly to landscape improvement plan

Many thanks to our sponsors as well. They are:
Neptune Beach Plaza
Tribridge Residential
Edward Skinner Jones
St. Augustine Distillery
One Ocean Resort & Spa

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