Sailors Siren Celebrates One Year at Beaches Town Center

For the past year, Mother and Daughter duo Michele and Whit have kept Beaches Town Center stocked with Southern, salty home and entertaining goodness at Sailors Siren.

Nestled in a cozy loft off of 1st Street, the space is a visual treat— bright, warm and exploding with color. Tables topped with beautiful book spreads dot the room, while the shelves display things like delicate dishes and cards with cheeky sayings. It’s a one-stop shop for everything entertaining-- a hostess’ haven, for sure.

If you’re unfamiliar with this bubbly, bright pair of boss babes, read on— to
celebrate their brick-and-mortar’s One Year Anniversary at BTC (and to get to know them a little better) we picked their brains on some different topics:


Q: Did becoming storeowners feel like a natural progression, with Michele's love of all things hosting and Whit's digital marketing background?
A: Jumping into owning and running our own store was definitely a big change for both of us. Our backgrounds helped us curate our product mix and navigate setting ourselves up in the online space, but this has definitely been an adventure becoming storeowners! Neither of us had any retail experience so most of what we’ve done and accomplished we’ve made up as we’ve gone along. We certainly did our homework and sought advice from business owners we knew and admired, but have very much set our own path.

Q: How does having a mother/daughter relationship benefit your store and business partnership?
A: It allows us to be brutally honest with each other. I think most people who are part of any family business can agree that there's an established line of communication that has little to no boundaries. We make all buying decisions for merchandise together, which can be interesting as we have similar currents in our sea-inspired taste but with very different end result aesthetics. We attribute our curated mix to that similar-but-not taste, as we both have to love everything we carry. It's a constant conversation!  

Q: What is your favorite part about owning a store in the BTC/Atlantic Beach area?
A: There was no other option for us! We live here and love our little beach so much and always knew that when we made this dream of ours to open a shop come true, this was the only option. About a year before we were really ready or had it in our plans to open a brick and mortar, our current location at 217 1st Street became available. A friend had heard this rumor that the space was opening up, and in just 6 weeks we hunted down the lead, took over the lease, built out our shop and opened! None of which was in the plan for either of our lives in the Spring of 2016, but we did it and we’re thrilled we jumped in and now have our store in BTC!

Q: What makes up the perfect 'Hostess with the Mostess'?
A. A well-stocked bar never hurt, but it's all about attitude! Hospitable, happy and care-free. Your guests mirror your vibe, so whenever possible, no matter what the circumstance, play it cool. And serve a cocktail!

Q: What has been the most rewarding/enjoyable part about working with other local businesses and artists?
A: Hands down the relationships we've made! The mother-daughter team behind AshleGryre was a huge help showing us the ropes on buying trips and generously offering us their space for routine pop-ups prior to opening the brick and mortar. We collaborate with the family that owns Hotel Palms frequently, that’s where we held our first pop up and website launch party and we continue to be a staple of their holiday market and they even carry a taste of our merchandise in the hotel office and bar. And we have established quite the family bond with all the shop girls in our building at DRIFT and Violet Ray.

Q: What are the key ingredients for throwing the perfect party or event?
A: Creating an atmosphere that allows your guests to relax and have fun. We like to adhere to a rule that any event should be "fancy, but never formal" meaning go the extra mile with a few small details like beautiful or funny cocktail napkins, festive bar and serving ware, have plenty to drink and eat, good music and the right crowd and you're golden!

Q: What has been the most challenging part about the first year of growing your business?
A: Finding a rhythm and identifying what really is the best use of our energy. Any small business owner who is doing it all can tell you there's a never-ending list of things to do, so you have to stay focused on what creates the greatest impact. For us, that's our product offering and customer experience.

Q: What exciting things can we expect from Sailors Siren in the years to come?
A: Growing our ecommerce business, expanding our product offering and eventually evolving into a larger space are all goals we have for Sailors Sirens’ future. We want to continue to offer a fun, inviting space for our customers and local makers and hope you'll join us for our upcoming May anniversary celebrations!

To check out what they’ve got going on for the month of May, peep their events page here.

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