Getting to Know the New Moms at KYDS

Jam-packed with things cute beyond comprehension, it’s no wonder why KYDS Children’s Boutique has remained consistently busy since opening its doors.

Within seconds of walking through the giant, green doors, you’re immediately consumed by adorable-- teeny-tiny outfits for baby, funky styles for tweens and blankets so cuddly, you’d want to buy one for yourself. Forget about walking out empty handed; it’s nearly impossible.

All of these great things coupled together made the decision to acquire the business an easy one for twins Rachel and Melody. When the opportunity to buy arose, they grabbed the baton and ran. The fact that they had no prior experience as business owners didn’t matter-- they were going to make it work.

To get to know the two bubbly blondes better, we asked them a few questions about what goes into taking over a business:

Before taking over KYDS, the two of you were professional tennis players. Does your professional athletic background benefit you as business owners?
To succeed as a pro athlete, we had to be committed to never give up, to keep our eye on our goal of being the best we could be no matter what. We embraced the understanding that success does not come easy—but failure was not an option. We also could not listen to those who told us we could NOT become professional athletes- and focused on HOW best to do so.  These lessons we learned during our tennis careers prepared us for what we needed to do as business owners. In our tennis careers, we succeeded by constantly focusing on seeing what could be accomplished….and now, as business owners, we are focusing on the unlimited possibilities of success.  Also, when we started tennis, we knew nothing about how to become professional athletes. But, we knew that through constant study and discipline we could do so.  This is exactly our approach as business owners.  We know that with perpetual learning and discipline we will reach our goals ---as we will not give up.

What was the most challenging part about taking over a preexisting business?
We knew we had to ensure that the customer base and stellar reputation developed by the former owner was maintained.  However, we also wanted to make necessary improvements to create a fresh, new and contemporary venue. Our biggest challenge was how best to introduce our own vision for the business without compromising the integrity or diminishing the value of operations of the former owner.

On your journey as new business owners, what has been the best advice you’ve received?
To learn and grow one day at a time.  To pray for wisdom and understanding and embrace the advice of multiple counselors.  To recognize that change is good and to realize when change is best.  To constantly study and learn how to improve business operations and customer enthusiasm.

People always talk about the unbreakable bond twins share. How does that play into being business partners?
We know each other better than anyone else.  Therefore, we do not have to go through a learning process of how to get along.  We are keenly aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and understand best how to accomplish any task. We encourage and support each other without fear of condemnation and judgment. We know that with every conflict, we will always work things out for the best of our business as we are together forever.  We can always count on each other in any situation.

What has been the most rewarding part of operating a business in the Beaches Town Center?
It is a charming and trendy shopping experience for customers in this beachside venue.  The energetic atmosphere and camaraderie between shop owners creates a unique dynamic of fun and support. It is especially rewarding to operate a business that offers an alternative, more personalized relationship with customers than can be experienced in a large retail environment.

When you think about KYDS’ future, what is your vision? What can we expect?
We want to explore ways to better serve the unique needs of our customers with fresh new lines and brands of quality merchandise. We are also exploring possibilities of creating new experiences for our clients with new services and new types of merchandise beyond clothing and accessories.
We are excited in knowing in our hearts the best is yet to come as we seek to be the best for our customers.

If you’re looking for the hottest trends in youth fashion, or maybe you just want advice on how to perfect your tennis technique, make sure you stop in to KYDS and say hi.

10am-6pm Monday through Saturday.
12pm-5pm on Sundays
Call (904) 595-5092 or visit

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