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A Huge Thanks to Our Community

Despite all of the hardships 2020 has now become known for, one thing that continually gave us hope and made us look forward to the future was the unbelievable support we received from YOU! When we asked for your help in keeping our annual Holiday Lights lit, you all went above and beyond the call by adopting trees, virtual ornaments and more. Our amazing community helped to raise over $18,000 for the cause, ensuring that our holiday display would still happen - and it did!

On Saturday, December 5th, we were thrilled to host our Annual Tree Lighting and (socially distanced!) Holiday Celebration once again. We had such an awesome time seeing you all show up with decked out bikes, golf carts, costumes and so much more fun stuff! It was the perfect testament to just how cool our little neck of the woods is.

We're so thankful for our amazing community and the support you all continually show us - it's the very best present of all!


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