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MBody The New Year

Whether you are looking to sweat and be challenged, or if you’d rather slow down and deepen your breath, MBody has classes to fit everyone’s needs and kick-off everyone’s New Year on the right foot! Founded in 2005 by Master Baptiste Teacher Mark White, MBody Yoga is Florida’s first Baptiste Power Yoga Affiliate Studio with three different locations, one being the cozy home studio in Neptune Beach, directly across from Southern Grounds Coffee.

You can find different types of classes seven days a week, all based on the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga method. Each class is designed to grow with you throughout the lifetime of your practice and the best part, it’s accessible to all levels of practitioners!

If you are a first-time participant or a beginning student, we suggest trying the Power Yoga Basics class which is a slower paced class with modified poses. This class will allow you to learn the basics of power vinyasa yoga and the principles for destressing your life. On the other hand, if you are in the mood to sweat and be challenged, we suggest taking the Power Hour class. Not only are you flowing from pose to pose at a faster pace, the studio is heated to 90 degrees, which will challenge your body and mind in new ways.

2021 was a tough year and incorporating yoga into your 2022 routine is a great way to sharpen your focus and improve your overall body, mind and attitude. Below are just a few benefits to yoga, which can all be seen while practicing at MBody:

· Improved Sleep

· More Energy

· Happier Mood

· A Calmer, Quieter Mind

· Weight Loss

· Balanced Mood

· Strengthened Immune System

The more you practice, the more you’ll benefit! If you’re a new student and looking to incorporate yoga into your weekly routine, MBody offers a great deal 40 days for $40. It’s a great opportunity to try out each class type, each location and all instructors before committing to a longer membership.

Check out MBody’s Instagram here!

Check our MBody’s Website here!


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