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The Locals Box

NEW to the Beaches Town Center area. The Locals Box was created to give people a real feel and taste of BTC! Each purchase from the Locals Box gives back to the Beaches Town Center Non-Profit agency to help with improvements and events in our community!

There are two different types of Locals Boxes right now. The Locals Gift Card box and The Locals Gift box.

The Locals Gift Card Box

This box is filled with a variety of discounts at different restaurants/bars within BTC. This is the perfect gift for anyone whos local to the area or visiting! It's a great way to get an understanding of the different types of cuisine we have to offer while also saving money at each place.

The Locals Gift Box

Filled with merchandise from local small businesses as well as BTC printed merch. The Locals Gift Box is created to give you the perfect day at the Town Center! Inside the box you'll find:

- "Shop, Eat, Drink, Local" Mug

- "Shop, Eat, Drink, Local" Waterproof Sticker

- "The Locals Tote" Tote bag

- BTC Signature scented candle " Meet Me at BTC" from The Candle Garden

- Palm SPF 30 Sunscreen


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