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Founded by Anne Marie Moquin, Beaches Go Green provides awareness and education around single-use plastic pollution, “recycling right”, and creating less waste overall. They aim to simplify complex environmental issues so that everyone can make sense of them and make changes in their own lives for the better of the planet.

A diverse group, they’re your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, your favorite local businesses and your city employees that all care about the planet. They live at the beach and our beaches and oceans matter to them!

So how do they do they spread awareness about the importance of “going green”? A few ways, it turns out. For one, they partner with local events to make them more environmentally-friendly by encouraging the use of reusable items, decreasing single-use items and enabling event day recycling. They also host an educational Movies That Matter series and work with local cities and local businesses on compiling a comprehensive Recycle Right education plan.

Beaches Go Green understands that to make a difference, we ALL need to change our habits.  They believe that awareness and education will encourage the community to reflect on their own behaviors and make small changes. Small changes can add up to BIG things.

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