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Frozen custard recipes date back to the early 1900s but it wasn’t until the ‘20s that commercial frozen custard machines were invented. It is said that the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago popularized frozen custard and by 1940 frozen custard stands were located all over the East and Midwest.

Frozen custard is still created with the same pure ingredients as a century ago: cream, eggs, and sugar. Frozen custard is thicker, smoother, and creamier than ice cream due to the higher butterfat content, the slower churning process that minimizes amount of air beaten into the mix, and the typical serving temperature of frozen custard, which is 26 degrees, about ten degrees warmer than ice cream. Frozen custard has less fat and sugar than most premium ice creams.

Whit’s Frozen Custard spares no expense in obtaining the highest quality ingredients — from fresh cream and pasteurized eggs to premium chocolates, fruit toppings, and fresh roasted nuts. Wait ’til you taste the difference!

Whit's offers junior, single and double scoops that can be served in a dish or on a cone. Another option is the “Whitser” which is the customer’s choice of custard blended together with assorted toppings. Whit's also offers sundaes,  shakes, malts, banana splits, root beer floats, custard cakes, chocolate covered bananas and custard sandwiches.

Whit's Frozen Custard is a locally owned and operated. Located directly across from One Ocean Resort.




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