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beaches town center

Over 4000 bricks have been placed in the sidewalks of the central business districts of Atlantic and Neptune Beach, making our coastal community even more personal to locals and visitors who frequent the Beaches Town Center area. We invite you to be make your mark in your community by getting your very own Town Center Brick. Town Center represents the heart of Atlantic and Neptune Beaches, tree-lined avenues, wide brick sidewalks, an environment compatible for both pedestrian and cars.


Perfect to purchase for your family or as a gift for a friend’s engagement, anniversary, or other special occasion, the brick program is also a wonderful way to memorialize those who loved ‘the corner.’ This project, made possible by a joint public and private effort, will be the catalyst for controlled economic growth and an improved quality of life for all beach residents.


This is your chance to be a part of this important and visionary development! The funds raised through the Annual Brick-Paver Program are used by the Beaches Town Center Agency, a non-profit organization, to maintain the beautification projects around BTC.


Thank you for your continued support!

HIgh 2-61.jpg
HIgh 2.jpg
for a one-time donation of $150

*a specific timeframe for actual installation of the bricks cannot be determined, therefore we cannot guarantee the installation date. all donations are tax deductible through beaches town center agency, inc. as provided by law.

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