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Another Day, Another Flavor

There is truly nothing better than a cold treat on a hot summer day. Luckily, having Whit's Frozen Custard available to us here in Atlantic Beach makes that dream come true.

Lets talk bout frozen custard. Many think its just a fancy ice cream, but its so much more (or actually less.) With only three base ingredients this delicious, smooth and creamy custard is created. Cream, eggs, and sugar. Sounds simple right?! We know for sure if we tried putting together these ingredients it would be far from the perfected product that Whit's creates. Whit's has a labor intensive process that actually involves measuring the amount of air blended into the mixture. Who would of thought!

At Whit's they make their custard fresh daily. They offer a new flavor everyday of the week as shown on the calendar below. You know what the best part is? They churn Vanilla and

Chocolate all day long in case the flavor of the day isn't your style! They have a variety of topping options that give you the luxury of creating your own custard masterpiece. For the month of September, Whit's has started introducing some of their Fall flavors such as Pumpkin Roll (9/17) and Pumpkin Marshmallow (9/27). Some say Pumpkin spice lattes are the staple for fall but we think pumpkin flavored custard is the way to go.

Whit's in Beaches Town Center is the original location to open in Florida! Just minutes from the beach, its the perfect cool down from a day of activities. Sit back, relax and enjoy some Whit's!

Check out Whit's Frozen Custards Instagram!


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