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Cheers to Restaurant Doro - a Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Helping Mamma in the kitchen. It’s a memory most of us can relate to but have experienced in profoundly different ways. From hazy recollections of cookie dough on fingertips to steam clouds from pasta pots, food has always been about a bond. Be it with the land or with each other, food is what brings us together, and that is exactly what fuels Chef Christopher Polidoro’s passion for fine cuisine. 

Let’s time-warp back to the beginning when Chris was just starting to dabble in the art of food.  Growing up in Queens, NY - a dense urban neighborhood on the western end of Long Island - it was an escape for Chris to hang out with Mamma in the kitchen. Chris remembers it was in grade school that he “mastered the perfect grilled cheese,” and would aid in preparing intricate baked goods, mashed potatoes, and every definition of comfort food for friends and family, especially around the holiday season. He takes pride in “carrying on a family legacy,” and recalls working with his hands, creating works of edible art a sensual experience that made one of the most populated counties in New York City feel like home.

One evening Chris was driving with his mom down a boulevard in Nassau County. They passed an old bistro open five nights a week and Chris’s eyes sparkled as he dug up old words his mom had said, “you could do this one day…” and so this inspired Chris’s big break! At 16, Polidoro was washing dishes in a hole-in-the-wall rest-bar at a train station in Long Island. In this old house turned into a café “everything was washed by hand,” Chris recalls, “but I got to see how a kitchen works… I learned a lot! It was true adulting.” Only humble beginnings back then. “This was before big TV personalities. [Working at] restaurants and hotels meant you made it big time.”  Now, Polidoro is a 25-year accomplished chef with a degree from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. He’s studied under numerous cooks and chefs out of the Montauk area, worked with Bobby Flay - an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, and reality television personality - followed by a time working as an organic farmer in wine country. Learning to cultivate the land, clipping fresh-ripe tomatoes, and appreciating where our food really comes from is the secret sauce behind Restaurant Doro - a seasonally motivated, new-age cuisine that puts a delectable twist on timeless classics.  Chris aspires to “bring[ing] a community together near and far,” and does so by maintaining a cutting edge approach to the restaurant experience. Termed “New American Cuisine,” Restaurant Doro is accredited with quite literally bringing to the table home-made meals that reflect quality in presentation. Doro partners with farmers who utilize sustainable agriculture, ranching, and fishing methods to produce high quality, flavorful products “à la minute.” Chris calls Doro’s menu “high quality, simple food. Everything is made to order with an emphasis on straight forward flavors” combined to perfection.

Doro is a well-oiled machine with a team that shines like no other! Chris calls his comrades family and the Doro fam has been whippin’ it in the kitchen as part of The Beaches Town Center for 5 years now. It is truly “a place where everybody knows your name,” connecting friends and families near and far.  So make a reservation today! Escape the ordinary and enjoy exquisite food and extraordinary people. Get to know Chris by reserving the Chef’s Counter overlooking the kitchen and see for yourself how craftsmanship and camaraderie come together to form a delicious utopia. I recommend the Chef’s special and yummy glass of red. 


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