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Children's Author Kelly Jordan at The BookMark's Virtual Story Time - 4/17

Children's author Kelly Jordan will participate in The BookMark's virtual Story Time author event on Saturday morning, April 17th at 9:00 AM, to introduce her new children's picture book, Chase the Moon, Tiny Turtle, which is beautifully illustrated by Sally Walker. Kelly's first book was Little Blue Cottage (Page Street Kids, 2020).

In Chase the Moon, Tiny Turtle, young readers will witness a rare and extraordinary natural event as a baby loggerhead hatches from its shell. With nothing but the light of the moon to act as a guide, readers will follow the newborn turtles' harrowing attempts to outpace a series of predators on their march toward the glistening shore.

After only narrowly avoiding hungry crabs, owls, and foxes, the turtle rides ocean waves to a calm clearing. Following a moment of peace in the still ocean water, the turtle joins the rest of its pack on a dive into the moonlit sea to continue the voyage home.

Told with a beautiful, lyrical rhyming sequence, this book introduces readers to the birth cycle of a loggerhead sea turtle. Through the newborn turtle's eyes, both kids and adults will marvel at the majestic and sometimes dangerous seaside landscape from a perspective rarely seen before.

Educational backmatter on the life cycle of sea turtles and how to be a hatchling helper makes this not only a fun story, but a great learning opportunity for story time!

Kelly Jordan writes lyrical picture books for children that evoke wonder. She lives with her husband in Decatur, Georgia. This is her second book with Page Street Kids.

Join us Saturday morning, April 17th at 9:00 AM, for The BookMark's virtual story time author event and meet author Kelly Jordan!

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For more information about this BookMark event, visit or call 904.241.9026.


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