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Dance Trance

Are you in a workout rut? Tired of long, boring runs? Over the crowded gym? Dance Trance might be just the thing for you! Dance Trance was created by Jay Handline as a workout program for all students that love music, dance and movement!

Established in 2002 and the first stand-alone Dance Trance location, the Neptune Beach studio is known for exceptional sound quality and fun stage lighting. Only one block from the Atlantic Ocean, it is decorated with raw wood and marble and has an atmosphere that is chic and sophisticated. Dance Trance Jax was voted #1 Dance Studio in Jax FIVE years in a row! They were also selected as the “Best Group Fitness Class” by Jacksonville Magazine.

Dance Trance is usually divided into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. This allows for students to pick their level and decide how fast they’d like the class to be and how much instruction they would like to receive. The choreography is created so that students are able to pick up combinations that will repeat throughout the routine. One unique aspect of DT is the lack of instructor microphones. There are no voice commands! The classes are all about listening and following the music. DT promotes setting yourself free to become one with the rhythm and one with the music.

If you are new to dance workouts, they offer a great beginner class that is slow paced, with detailed instruction and break down throughout the entire class. If you feel a bit more comfortable than a beginner, then the Intermediate or Breakdown Class is for you! This class is much faster than the beginner class and where you get to learn routines and still get a workout. If you are a dancing machine, try the Advanced or Dance Trance Class! The Dance Trance is a loud, high energy dance experience that will leave you exhausted and soaking wet with sweat! Dance Trance is a more technical dance workout without choreography instruction and break down.

Dance Trance also offers a Health and Nutrition Program with no dieting, starving or counting calories. Instead, the program will lead you to quick, clean and healthy eating by Healthy Beach Girl, Jen Mons. More information here!

For the Neptune Beach classes, reservations are required and are first come first serve. In addition, they are continuing to stream classes LIVE from their Dance Trance Band App for all active beach members. New students can visit the Dance Trance Beginner's class for FREE on their first visit! Sign up today!


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