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Hotel Palms Presents 'Tranquility' A Solo Exhibition by Ash WOLFDOG Hayner

Artist Ash WOLFDOG Hayner will be taking over Hotel Palms from April 27th-30th to showcase his next solo exhibition called 'Tranquility'. He describes this exhibit as "An exploration in slowing down and seeking balance."

'Tranqulity' will feature a full art showcase by WOLFDOG and a night of music by Brainstory. As well as a side yard cook out and mural work done on the North side of the hotel by WOLFDOG. There will be two hand painted surfboards releasing as well as a merch collaboration with Birdwell Beach Britches! Click HERE to learn more about the exhibit and the artist.

As part of WOLFDOG's solo exhibition, Hotel Palms will be hosting A Night of Music featuring Brainstory. This will take place on Thursday, April 27th. Tickets are $30 and are available to purchase HERE.

Schedule of Events:

Thursday, April 27th:

A Night of Music

Doors Open 6pm

Music begins at 7pm

Friday, April 28th:

Side Yard Cookout

Saturday & Sunday:

Art Exhibit - Show Pigeon Coffee 8am - 1pm


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