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Serene Advanced Skin Care: Where Science Meets Radiance

New to Atlantic Beach and bridging the gap in the medical aesthetics world between quick fixes and long-term skin health, Serene Advanced Skin Care is a treatment center focusing on optimal function to help support their clients journey to a more youthful appearance.

Serene was founded by Colleen Clarke-Romero, ARNP, D

CNP, a nurse practitioner with over ten years of specialization in dermatology. She not only wants Serene to be a business that people enjoy coming to, but a place where people feel heard, appreciated and more confident in their own skin.

Serene has an approach grounded in providing excellent care that builds confidence and inspires a positive self-image. They focus on your strengths to enhance your favorite features, while addressing any and all concerns.

Offering everything from skin treatments and hair restoration to injectables and wellness treatments, Serene offers just about every treatment you could think of to improve the overall appearance and function of the skin. Their most popular services are microneedling with platelet rich fibrin, body contouring, facials and Botox.

If you know you need help, but are a bit unsure of what your skin exactly needs, Serene offers 45-minute skin care consultations, where a certified aesthetic professional will develop a customized treatment plan to address all your skin goals.

Colleen truly loves the vibe of Atlantic Beach and believes there is a real sense of community, which is aligned perfectly with what Serene stands for. Her main goals for her new med spa at the Beaches Town Center are:

1. To educate her clients on the importance of caring for the skin

2. Use the skins natural healing process to enhance skin health

3. Utilize the most up-to-date anti-aging techniques to help clients feel refreshed and renewed

If you are looking to leave your next spa appointment feeling confident from the inside out, check out their Instagram and website below to learn more about their services and book your next appointment!

Serene is currently offering a Valentine’s Day Special:

Check out Serene online!


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