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Southern Grounds & Co.

Southern Grounds & Co. gives locals and visitors a hip option for craft coffee & tea, wines & a menu of creative cafe eats with indoor-outdoor seating.

The coffee steals the show at Southern Grounds. From expertly crafted espresso drinks to pour-over perfection and creamy lattes, every cup is a testament to the artistry and dedication of the skilled baristas behind the counter. Whether you prefer your coffee bold and robust or smooth and velvety, they offer a diverse menu of options to suit every taste and preference.

They don't just stop at coffee;enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner made with organic, sustainable ingredients, or a glass of wine and a cheese board and live music on Friday & Saturday nights at their Neptune Beach courtyard under the trees just steps from beach. A coffee shop is more than a restaurant: it's a community hub.

Visit Southern Grounds & Co. at 200 First St, Neptune Beach, FL 32266.


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