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What's the Buzz?

We heard Stubbees is the place to go for healthy living, natural clean products, and some delicious honey! Let us tell you what the buzz is all about.

At Stubbees, their love for bees, plants and people is contagious. This family owned business is ran by two brothers, Justin and Austin. Justin started his beekeeping hobby at age 16, he's always had a love for animals and their environment. Austin has a passion for health, fitness and sports. The Stubblefield brothers have always supported each other in their passions, so naturally they created a business to help the well being of others. Living healthy and happy is Stubbees mission, and it should be yours too!

So, you may wonder, what exactly does Stubbees have to offer? Well, the answer is A LOT. Lets start with their variety of honey. When most people think of honey they imagine the one type that's sold at any grocery store. At Stubbees, it's so much more. They combine different flavors to offer you a variety of honey. Some types that they offer are as follows: Cinnamon Whipped Raw Honey, Madagascar Vanilla Bean Whipped Raw Honey, Strawberry Whipped Raw Honey and a ton more! The honey is whipped with real fruit and spices, no sugar is added, it's raw, rich in antimicrobial properties, AND free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and binding agents. The different spices and fruits that Stubbees combines with honey BEE-long together!

The Apothecary section at Stubbees is impressive! They have everything from face washes, scrubs and cleansers to sleep care, muscle care and foot care. With a variety of all natural products free from dyes and sulfates, this local boutique may have you questioning your old routine!

Last but certainly not least, their Hive & Homestead section. Have you ever wanted a Sunflower Growing Kit? Me too! The great news is that you can get one here along with other planting kits, such as: Venus Flytrap Grow Kit, Pollinator's Delight Grow Kit, Cherry Blossom Tree Grow Kit, and Jurassic Tree Ginkgo Biloba Grow Kit. You can check out more fun gardening things here!

Other than getting all your gardening needs in order, Stubbees also offers a variety of home goods such as kitchenware, utensils, serving boards, dinnerware, tableware and so much more. So head on down to Beaches Town Center, check out this awesome local biz and enjoy your unique and entertaining experience!

Check out Stubbees Instagram HERE!

Check out Stubbees Website HERE!


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