a special thanks to our current 

tree sponsors


adopted a tree for all that come and enjoy the holiday lighting and as a continuation of community spirit.

red daisy

adopted a tree with the message ‘love where you work, love where you live!’

kristin & rodney mclauchlan

adopted a tree for their kids as a way for them to support the Beaches Town Center in a time of need with the message ‘thank you for making our neighborhood special!’


adopted a tree for The Babes with the message 'The Crew Grew a Tree, friendship grows deep roots!'

team tab

Beaches Town Center is one of our running group's favorite spots year round. When it's dark and early in December, the holiday palm trees light the way! We can't imagine our Christmastime runs without them. 

bali cargo co.

adopted a tree to 'keep the spirit of the lights glowing at Beaches Town Center!'

sherry & john saucerman

adopted a tree for all to enjoy the tree lights this year, while rememberIng those who live and work in Atlantic Beach.

rallis & dendy pappas 

adopted a tree for all to enjoy, because we love our Beaches Town Center!

jaffi's boutique

adopted a tree because 'community support is always in style!'

kmh home

adopted a tree to 'support our local community!'

austin & martha george, lee & malorie hayden and candace moody

adopted a tree for Andrew, Elizabeth and Baby Mutz. Happy 30th Birthday to you both! What a time to celebrate, especially with Baby Mutz on the way! Enjoy this special tree, as a family of three! We love you!

deanne & gus dunlop

adopted a tree for Dunlop Photography. Come celebrate the holidays with us in Beaches Town Center.

mark & meredith frisch

adopted a tree for Lyla, Abby, Hannah, & Emmitt Jeffrey. We love you!

barb & joe esparza

adopted a tree to help light up the city for the holidays and help support the businesses in town center by bringing in people in to see the lights.

the giusti family

adopted a tree in support of our local community and the wondrous beauty of Christmas

jaxco furniture

adopted 4 trees for The Beaches Community. Merry Christmas from JaxCo Furniture!

leona sheddan

adopted a tree for Riley, Ever, Mellie & Princess. Happy Holidays to our wonderful Neptune Beach neighbors! I wanted to make sure the beauty of Beaches Town Center during the holidays is available for everyone to enjoy!

chuck & carol pittman

adopted a tree for Amazing Family, Friends and Neighbors. Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

first coast consumer law

adopted a tree for Baby G. Happy Birthday little guy!

the sedlmayer family

adopted a tree. May this First Christmas in Atlantic Beach be as bright as the many more to come.

kevin hogencamp

adopted a tree for Garrett and Abby Hogencamp. #WeAreABandNB "Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind." - Henry James

nancy, charlie, edwin & alice bodge

adopted a tree for Kevin Bodge, Happy Birthday! We love our Town Center holiday lights! They bring us joy every year. 

shadow lane

adopted a tree for Shadow Lane Neighbors. Happy Holidays from Neptune Beach Neighbors! 

elizabeth bissell lucy

adopted a tree for her husband Charles P Lucy. Charlie passed in January but loved Christmas. This is my way of paying it forward for the wonderful job hospice did and showed my husband.

alesch contracting

adopted a tree for all to enjoy. Follow us on Insta @aleschcontracting We love our Beaches Town Center!

david bew

adopted a tree for Urai, love always. We love Atlantic Beach and the Beaches Town Center.

mark & meredith frisch

adopted a tree for the Kurosko Family.

mark your & meredith frisch

adopted a tree for the Guncle Family.

5th street

adopted a tree for 5th Street. Merry Christmas from 5th Street! Our families enjoy the town center, especially at Christmas. We wanted to help light the night for all to enjoy with us.

the arthurs

adopted a tree for William and Eliza Arthur. Everyone needs a little more light this year. 

roland seafood company

adopted a tree for all to continue to enjoy the beautiful Christmas display in our community. 

mark & terri baltz

adopted a tree for Shadow Lane Neighbors. Happy Holidays from Neptune Beach Neighbors! 

lee ferguson & nancy nichols

adopted a tree for her husband Charles P Lucy. Charlie passed in January but loved Christmas. This is my way of paying it forward for the wonderful job hospice did and showed my husband.

alesch contracting

adopted a tree for all to enjoy. Follow us on Insta @aleschcontracting We love our Beaches Town Center!

david bew

adopted a tree in support of the BTC which has provided us so much fun and entertainment over the last few years. BTC is the gem of Neptune/Atlantic Beach. We are blessed to be able to enjoy this vibrant Corner and are happy to support a joyous Christmas celebration! The pandemic has created many hardships for the businesses at BTC. By supporting the adopt a tree program, it is our hope that all of the businesses fully recover.

lee ferguson & nancy nichols

adopted two trees and wish you a Merry Christmas and year filled with much.


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Neptune Beach!

claude & nancy horne

adopted a tree in loving memory of Jeffrey and Brian Horne. We’re lighting the night for you, boys! Merry Christmas!

the fichtner family

adopted a tree for spreading Christmas cheer. Happy Holidays!

restaurant doro

adopted a tree for the people who visit our Beaches Town Center. Merry Christmas & cheers to a happier New Year!

ELEV8 demolition

adopted a tree to support the community we live and work in. Our team wishes all those visiting Beaches Town Center a safe and Merry Christmas.

david & margaret gagnon

adopted a tree so we can say "here's to a healthy 2021!" Merry Christmas, Beaches Town Center!

susan & jim hughes

adopted a tree because the lighted palms during the holidays is one of our favorite holiday traditions since living at the beaches.

michelle & rick moorefield | barney lane | stephanie sussman
catherine varian | beaches go green | carolyn johnson kimmel

hadas maimon | kelly pietan | sas llc | irene carlson 

michael graves | hannah crooks | erica leibo | lisa goodrich

 eric nottmeier | susan mills | brenna mclaughlin | brewhound | jessica mckinley | drift collective | shannon blochberger | bombshell marketing | terri derkum | kellee wip | mary frosio | betsy cosgrove | ben stadelman |  jewels by lubeck

pamela o'connor | mike & marcy ibach | shorelines | mcgowan & jenkins family
donna eddings | lynn seay | easton family | patricia flynn
denise & alan ennis | atlantic beach country club | stubbees
nancy & niall falloon  | duval charter school at coastal
michael burnett | susan rummans


Unfortunately, much like many major events lately, we've had to make the difficult decision to cancel DANCIN' IN THE STREETS for 2020, which is a huge blow to our little area for many reasons. Like quite a few of the events we put on, DITS is a major way for us to fundraise money that helps keep the area you know and love beautiful. It also helps us keep the holiday lights up so without DITS, beaches town center could quite literally be left in the dark but that's where you come in!

If you're able, we're asking you to 'adopt a tree' for $175 to help us keep one of the signatures of BTC up and running. Dedicate it to a grad who couldn't walk this year or a family member who had a landmark birthday! It's the perfect way to lend your support and the most unique gift for anyone special in your life.

ADOPT A TREE ($175) 
Commemorate a special occasion or person by 'adopting' your very own tree at BTC! Adoptees will receive a special spot with recognition on our sponsorship page. 

Want to contribute to our fundraising efforts but can't give $175? We've created this option just for you!


Gather responsibly with your friends for the sake of fundraising, friendship and fun. Click HERE or email mybeachestowncenter@gmail.com for more info!


The Beaches Town Center Agency is a non-for profit that works for the improvement of the Atlantic Beach/Neptune Beach Central Business District, protecting its unique character as a traditional neighborhood and enhancing its presence as an economic and cultural town center.

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