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Beaches Town Center launched a permanent employee parking program on September 1, 2015 for all merchants, restaurants and supporting vendors which includes designated parking areas for staff members, including store managers. As of May 1, 2016 we are Re-launching the program for the coming season!


Beaches Town Center is one of the most successful walkable communities in Northeast Florida welcoming tens of thousands of customers annually. Ensuring an excellent customer experience is always our mission. As such, one of our goals is to provide convenient and accessible parking to our guests.

To achieve that goal, we must modify how we handle the large merchant employee base driving to, and parking at, the center. The result of the Beaches Town Center Employee Parking Program is to leave the most desirable parking spaces for our customers. Customers should not spend their valuable time seeking parking spaces or stop coming to the Beaches Town Center because it is too inconvenient to park. Rather, our goal is to help our customers make every minute count so that they can spend the bulk of their time enjoying themselves in your businesses and increasing your sales.
The Beaches Town Center Employee Parking Program is a collaborative effort between the Beaches Town Center Agency and Merchants Association in cooperation with Property Owners and the cities of Atlantic and Neptune Beach. This is Phase I of our effort in implementing a new traffic, way finding and parking plan to better serve all of our customers which will continue to evolve over time.


BTC Designated Employee Parking Merchant Contact Form



Here is how it works. All BTC employees have access to four parking lots that are designated for BTC Employee Parking. Employees can determine what lot works best for them. BTC employees can elect to park in the lot that is best situated for their needs. If that Lot is full proceed to the next available Lot. We will increase the BTC Designated Employee Parking inventory as needed.


Here is what we need from you. To implement an effective program, ALL BTC employees who currently park in the BTC Central Business District will be required to register their vehicle used to drive within the BTC Central Business District for their shift. Each vehicle will be entered into a database, and through the registration process BTC Employee cars will be covered by under our comprehensive liability insurance policy should there be a problem. Registration can be attained by downloading and printing the BTC Employee Parking Registration Form distributed to store managers and returning to Doug Ganson.


The success of the BTC Designated Employee Parking Program is greatly influenced by communication to all participants. The BTC Merchants and Management Teams, along with the support of the BTCPMG Team, will provide details and assistance to store managers in various methods including scheduled meetings, in-store visits, distributed memos & newsletters, email updates, dedicated website portal, text messages and on-property signage.


The BTC Designated Employee Parking Program relies on acquiring and updating merchant employee information. As such, each store is requested to provide one primary merchant employee to be the on-site contact person who will be responsible for communicating the program internally to your employees, updating staff information as necessary and representing their store at meetings (see BTC Designated Employee Parking Retail Contact Form).


Phone: 904-465-1146 (Doug Ganson, supervisor will be available daily from 3PM-1AM)


1. Each BTC merchant employee who works within the BTC Central Business District is to register their vehicle including the store at which they are employed.
2. BTC employee registers only one time. If the employee works at multiple stores, the employee will select only one store as registration merchant.
3. BTC employees MUST park in the designated parking area 24/7. The employee parking areas are NOT for peak hours of operation only.
   a. Example: An employee working at 7am-3pm must park in the designated area.
   b. Example: An employee attending a staff meeting from 8am-9am must park in the designated area.
4. Permit: A mandatory BTC Designated Employee Parking permit will be provided to each employee to place on their vehicle hanging from the rear view mirror. The Permit system may be modified from time to time as new software is introduced.


Q. If I am handicapped, do I need to park in designated employee parking areas?
A. No, vehicles with official handicap parking passes may park in any available designated handicap spaces within the BTC Central Business District.

Q. If I am coming in to pick up my pay check at my store and then leave, must I park in the employee parking area?
A. Yes.

Q. If I work at 2 stores, should I register with both stores?
A. No, select the store of your choice.

Q. How will I recognize a BTCPMG Team Member?
A. BTCPMG Members wear bright yellow safety vests and have the “BTC” logo labeled on the back of their vests.

Q. Will the shuttle drive employees to the North and South End parking areas especially late at night or when they need to do bank drops?
A. Yes, but BTC Merchants should have a buddy system or their own internal system as used prior to the BTC Designated Employee Parking as a back-up.

Q. If I use my mother’s car to drive to work, must I register it?
A. Yes, all employees must register any car they drive and park on-site.

Q. I am temporarily injured and cannot walk any distances. May I have an exception to the parking program?
A. Unfortunately, except for authorized handicap drivers, we cannot make any exceptions. We recommend that you consider a ride share so that you can be dropped off close to your store’s entry point.

Q. I am a new BTC employee and start tomorrow. How fast can I register and get my sticker?
A. Registration is simple and can be done by contacting Doug Ganson at 904-465-1146

Q. What will the information I provide on the BTC Employee Parking Vehicle Registration be used for?
A. The information regarding the employee and their vehicle is used only for tracking and for liability insurance needs. A full disclaimer is included on the BTC Employee Parking Registration Form.

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