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Chocolate Wonderland

There can only possibly be one place that comes to mind after reading this title, and that's PETERBROOKE in Atlantic Beach. Peterbrooke has been known as the neighborhood chocolatier since 1990, and we are so lucky to have one located within

Beaches Town Center.

There is something about Peterbrooke Chocolate that always makes you come back for more. The Atlantic Beach location is truly a wonderland! For each season and holiday you will walk in to find themed decorations to get you in the spirit. Not only does Peterbrooke have themed décor but they sell themed products like chocolate Santa's (See below).

Peterbrooke is amazing at making any occasion feel special. Whether you need a large gift basket for a corporate event or something small to show someone you care, they have you covered. They offer a variety of hand dipped goodies such as: dipped Oreos, graham crackers, Nutter Butters, pretzels and more! One of their most popular items is their chocolate covered popcorn. Fair warning, once you start eating this, you will not stop until its all gone! The picture below doesn't do this rich decadent flavorful treat justice! You can get this popcorn covered with Milk or dark chocolate.

Your neighborhood chocolatier is waiting to serve you the most delicious chocolate treats in town. Stop by this month to see their Holiday themed decorations, which include a life size Santa!

Enjoy the tasty chocolate treats and enjoyable atmosphere of Peterbrooke Atlantic Beach. They cant wait to see you!


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